Hi, I'm Danielle

I am a Software Developer based in Oxford, UK. I have a penchant for all things creative and technology. I love using technology to find solutions to analytical and creative problems. My background in legal research, compliance and communications gives me a unique edge in understanding and sifting through documentation and communicating with team members and Senior Developers. My time as a Junior Developer on an agile team has instilled in me the belief that clean code is only so if it is well tested and documented.

My other hobbies include film and television acting, devouring indie films and new TV shows, reading, photography, blogging, yoga and running. I love exploring a new city with a camera and notebook in hand as much as I love a night spent watching a good film. My dream to complete the DisneyWorld Marathon was realized this year.

Check out my resume here or find me on LinkedIn to get in touch.


Oxford, United Kingdom


+44 7340 067429